Emergency Dental Treatment: Swift Assistance in Your Time of Need

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Facing a toothache at an inconvenient hour? Encountered a dental injury during the weekend? Dental emergencies are seldom expected, yet prompt care remains vital. At Elm Villa Dental Implants and Aesthetics Clinic, we stand ready to provide emergency dental treatment precisely when it is needed the most.

Services We Offer

Immediate Consultations

Receive urgent assessments with minimal delay, ensuring swift action to relieve discomfort and promptly address your dental concerns.

Tooth Extractions

Skilled professionals perform the safe and efficient removal of troublesome teeth, prioritising pain minimisation and future complications prevention.

Pain Management

Implementing highly effective protocols using local aesthetics and sedation, guaranteeing your utmost comfort during emergency procedures.

Emergency Fillings

Swift replacement of lost or damaged fillings, alleviating pain and mitigating infection risks while preserving dental function.

Root Canal Treatment

Specialists take immediate action to alleviate severe toothaches and halt the spread of tooth infection.

Gum Infections

Rapid treatment of acute gum diseases and conditions, reducing pain and preventing further deterioration.

Fractured Teeth

Expert care for broken, cracked, or chipped teeth, with a focus on immediate relief and long-term solutions.

Dental Abscess Drainage

Efficient and quick drainage of dental abscesses by skilled professionals, providing relief from pain and halting infection.

Temporary Crowns

Swift solutions for lost or damaged crowns, ensuring the integrity of your teeth is upheld.

Dental Triage

Immediate assessment and prioritisation of your condition to determine the best course of action in emergency situations.

Oral Trauma Care

Urgent medical attention for injuries resulting from accidents, concentrating on pain relief and minimising long-term damage.

Pediatric Emergency Care

Specialised and expedited treatment for children facing dental crises, specifically designed to alleviate pain and address the issue.

Post-Emergency Aftercare

Comprehensive guidelines for your recovery, including follow-up appointments to ensure your return to optimal dental health.

Key features

Why Opt for Our Services in Your Dental Crisis?

Prompt Appointments: Each day, we allocate dedicated time slots for emergency situations, guaranteeing swift and attentive care.

Licensed Dentists: Our dental experts are certified by the General Dental Council and possess extensive experience in managing urgent cases.


Modern Facilities: Utilising modern diagnostic equipment and treatment modalities to deliver top-tier emergency care.

Empathetic Attention: Your ease and welfare stand as our paramount concerns.


Based in Madeley-Crew, We have successfully treated hunderds of emergency patients.

Gentle Pain Free Care

100's of Successful Cases

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How to Handle a Dental Emergency?

Give Us a Ring: Get in touch with our clinic promptly when a dental emergency arises. We’ll provide guidance on the immediate actions to take.

Steer Clear of Self-Treatment: Refrain from applying painkillers directly to your gums, as they can potentially harm the gum tissue.

Maintain Hygiene: Gently rinse your mouth with warm water, avoiding any scrubbing or the use of abrasive cleaning agents.

Seek Immediate Attention: Make your way to our clinic for expert care without delay. Postponing can exacerbate the issue.

Emergency Dental Triage

Your Urgent Point of Contact In a dental emergency, every passing moment is crucial. Our dental triage service promptly categorizes incoming patients according to the urgency of their situation. Give us a call or visit our practice, and we will rapidly evaluate your condition to determine the appropriate next steps.

Post-Emergency Rehabilitation:

Tailored Post-Treatment Programs Emergencies frequently reveal underlying issues. Further treatment or restorative procedures are often required. Our personalized aftercare programs lead you through the recovery process, with the goal of averting future dental complications.

Allow Us to Serve as Your Anchor in a Dental Emergency

Your dental well-being is a matter of utmost importance. Rely on Elm Villa Dental Implants and Aesthetics Clinic to deliver rapid, professional assistance during your moment of urgency. Dial us without delay for immediate relief and lasting peace of mind.